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Dr.David Chigurupati


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Dear Children of God,

It is great honor and privilege to come into the presence of God and glorify His name. Please come and be blessed!

Monthly Fellowship Service

June 23 rd- 6 PM


Union County Baptist Church
4 Valley Road, Clark, NJ 07066

Annual Picnic

July 21 - 10 AM to 4 PM


Merrill County Park
Iselin NJ

A Father’s Heart

Samuel Kumar


The fifth of the Ten Commandments stresses, “Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” (Exodus 20:12) This principle was reiterated by our Lord Jesus and also the apostle Paul. On this Father’s Day, let us salute fathers and father-like figures, both living and departed.  Some have been orphaned and have not had fathers. Some have had fathers who neglected or abused their children. We thank God for fathers, who with God’s help, play a pivotal role in the lives of their children. Despite human limitations, fatherhood is a high calling.  Although fathers are often not expressive of their feelings, they have a deep love for their children, a natural instinct placed in their hearts by God. Even evil men want the very best for their children. The Lord Jesus said that despite “being evil” we know how to give good gifts to our children and how much more our heavenly Father would lavish His good gifts on us! (Matthew 7:11)

A Father’s Affection: Jacob’s father-in-law Laban was a dishonest man. Even his daughters did not think much of him and they did not hesitate to leave him. (Genesis 31) Laban pursued them and found them. He entered into a pact with Jacob and made him promise that he would not afflict his daughters or take other wives. Then Laban kissed them goodbye. Although not an ideal father, he had love for his daughters. Another illustration of a father’s love is in Exodus 21. In old days a slave would be set free after serving his master for 6 years. However, if his master provided him a wife and he had children by her, in the seventh year he alone would be set free but not his wife and children. If the slave loved his wife and his children, he would decide to stay as a bond servant permanently and not leave. The father would forgo his freedom for the love of his children and his wife. Another example of a father’s heart is in 2 Samuel 18.  Absalom was evil and sought to kill his father and yet when Absalom died, David wept for his son inconsolably. David wished he had died instead.

Abba, Father: Far greater than the love of any human father is the deep love of God. In the Lord ’s Prayer, the Lord Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father Which art in heaven.” Before He ascended to heaven, He said, “I ascend to My Father and your Father.” (John 20:17) In the garden of Gethsemane, the Lord Jesus affectionately called His father, “Abba” which in our parlance is “Daddy.” (Mark 14:36) If we placed our faith in the Lord Jesus and turned our lives over to Him, His Father becomes our Father and we are God’s children, and “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” (Romans 8:17)  We also can cry out to Him in tones of intimacy, “Abba, Father.”(Rom. 8:15 and Galatians 4:6) Let us not forget that the Lord Jesus Himself is a Father to us since He is called, “the everlasting Father.” (Isaiah 9:6) 

Tender Father: We are told that as a Father pities His children, so God pities those that fear Him because He knows our weak frame and remembers that we are but dust.(Psalm 103.13, Malachi 3:17) Draw close to Him and He will draw close to us (James 4:8) Let us not be preoccupied with the affairs of this life and be at a distance from our loving Father. He asks, “If I am a Father, where is my honor?” (Malachi 3:6)  On this Father’s Day, let us honor all fathers and above all, our dear Father in heaven and echo the words of the hymn, “Father like He tends and spares us, Well our feeble frame He knows, In His arms He gently bears us, Rescues us from all our foes. Alleluia, Alleluia, Widely yet His mercy flows.”

Thanks and God bless you!

Annual Conference 2018

"Faithful is He that calleth you who also will doit; brethren pray for us" 1 Thessalonians:5: 24 & 25


Dear children of God: Greetings in the Name of our faithful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has guided the ministry of Christian Family Conferences and enabling the NJ conference to celebrate it's SILVER JUBILEE. To God be the glory great things He hath done. Surely " Great is His faithfulness" Lamentations:3: 23b.

We take this opportunity to thank all those who in some way or other helped this ministry to reach this important MILESTONE of celebrating 25 YEARS of GOD'S FAITHFULNESS.

The details of the conference for 2018 are as follows:


Dates: July 6, 7 & 8th

Venue:  APA Hotel Woodbridge, 120 Wood Ave South, Iselin, NJ 08830


Dr. Christopher Perumalla


Chris Perumalla grew up in Hyderabad, India and came to accept Jesus as his personal saviour at the age of 15. Soon after his conversion, Chris developed a passion to share his faith with his classmates throughout his academic life, leading several of his friends to Jesus and discipling them. After finishing his Masters degree from Osmania University, Chris moved to Canada, obtained a second Masters and doctoral degrees from University of Waterloo (UofW). Subsequently, he joined University of Toronto (UofT) and taught in Faculty of Medicine. Both at UofW and UofT, Chris led Bible studies and is grateful for the many opportunities to speak of Jesus and live as a witness for Him. Chris was honored at UofT with nearly 15 awards for Excellence in Teaching, Innovation, Leadership and Influence. Chris received the President’s Teaching Award for sustained educational leadership and mentorship award from CIHR (Canadian equivalent of NIH). But Chris’ passion has always been to serve Jesus in lifting His name and building His kingdom so when He felt God calling him into fulltime ministry, Chris took early retirement from UofT to serve the Lord and ministered as the Associate Senior Pastor and subsequently as the Senior Pastor of a local church in Toronto. He is a Professor Emeritus in Department of Physiology at the UofT and travels extensively speaking at various international educational conferences. Chris serves on the Canadian Board of RZIM and on the Board of Ambrose University in Calgary. Chris is married to Phebe and they both have two adult children and two adorable grandchildren.

Pastor Deevanaiah


Pastor Deevanaiah comes from a Hindu background. Born again in 1992, started Holy Ministries and passionately serves the Lord in India and around the world. Wants to minister in all the countries in the world having served in 70 plus countries already. He is like the disciples of Jesus Christ turning the world right side up. "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper" -- Isaiah 54:17 is the promise that God has endured in his life since the creation in his mother's womb. God Spared his life twice – though his mother took double amount of the medicine to abort the baby, as they were very poor and cannot afford to have more children. Again, from committing suicide at the age of 16, due to unsuccessful studies and the growing sins. He gave his life to the Lord when he went with a friend to a prayer meeting. God had forgiven all his sins and spoke through His word "A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh" --Ezekiel 36:26. He obeyed God’s call (Exodus 3:10), submitted himself and started to serve him from 17th October 1996. Gradually the church started growing which was started with 2 people. In addition, later lead to start "Holy Ministries” mainly concentrating on rural areas especially among poor and backward and also young people, spreparing them as the disciples of Jesus. God is using him in India and in different countries globally.



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3. Deliverance to those in bondages

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6. Revival to breakout

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